Third Watch
NYPD- Maurice Boscorelli
NYPD- Faith Yokas
NYPD- Ty Davis
NYPD- John "Sully" Sullivan
FDNY-Kim Zambrano (Paramedic)
FDNY-Carlos Nieto (Paramedic)
NYPD- Sgt. Cruz
FDNY- Sasha Monroe
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This is the home page for our Third Watch Website.
Our website is dedicated to Third Watch and to all of it's fans. ThirdWatch is about the NYPD and FDNY/Paramedics.

Since 1999 Third Watch has been one of NBC's best unrecognized  T.V. dramas. it follows the lives of the NYPD and FDNY in the 55th precinct during the 3-11 shift

Here are most of the Police, Paramedics and Firefighters of the 3-11 Shift


Top Row (starting from the left) Ty Davis, Doc, Alex, Jimmy
Bottom Row: Faith, Maurice Boscoreli, Carlos, Sully