Third Watch
NYPD- Faith Yokas


NYPD- Maurice Boscorelli
NYPD- Faith Yokas
NYPD- Ty Davis
NYPD- John "Sully" Sullivan
FDNY-Kim Zambrano (Paramedic)
FDNY-Carlos Nieto (Paramedic)
NYPD- Sgt. Cruz
FDNY- Sasha Monroe
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55 David

Faith Yokas, the woman of the 55 David cruiser. Her and Bosco go way back, they have been best friends and partners for almost ever, until the incident when Faith was shot by Sgt. Cruz and was periodically paralized. She has since returned to ride with Bosco in 55 David but still resists being friends with him. Only a strict job relationship. The future of Faith and Bosco is yet to come....