Third Watch
NYPD- John "Sully" Sullivan


NYPD- Maurice Boscorelli
NYPD- Faith Yokas
NYPD- Ty Davis
NYPD- John "Sully" Sullivan
FDNY-Kim Zambrano (Paramedic)
FDNY-Carlos Nieto (Paramedic)
NYPD- Sgt. Cruz
FDNY- Sasha Monroe
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55 David

Sully is Ty's partner. Sully used to role with Ty's dad before he was killed in the line of duty. Sully recently relized who his true friends were when he was fighting his addiction to alcohol. He was in love with a woman who had her connections to the Russian Mob and was murdered by the mob and had there aparment burnt down. Sully is a verteran police officer who is a teacher to all others in the 55 precinct.